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PAKA picnic, 2015



The Annual PAKA "BYOS" (Bring Your Own Steak) Picnic will be held at Shene's place on Saturday, September 19th at 1 pm.

If you need directions, contact Shene. I will supply some chocolate chip cookies and baked beans. All are welcome to bring a dish of their choice to add to the feast. The pool is open with a brand new liner so hopefully it will be as nice a day for our picnic as it was last year.


The PAKA library book list is available at

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Eric Bodrock

Regina Spotti


Roberto Prati



Don Tuttle


Scott Graner


Bill Shenefelt

Larry Ayers

Jim Steigerwald

Don Guman

Gerald Lofstead



Joe Doyle


Fred Strough

Charlie Mueller

Curt Smith

To never be forgotten



Hank Marzina

To never be forgotten

John Barnes

Grant Beatty

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Eric Bodrock 

Don Tuttle

Scott Graner 

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Roberto Prati

John Barnes____

Joe Doyle______
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Charlie Mueller____

As a reminder, Scott is the current librarian and has some killi literature that belongs to the club and is available for loan to PAKA members between meetings. Members "sign out" these volumes and are responsible for their safe keeping until return at the next meeting.

Killi-Data Catalogue by Jean Huber (In 4 volumes Note only one volume may be borrowed at a time.) All killifish species (Irrespective of Genera)are listed in alphabetical order

A short guide to the world of Killifish by Todor Metchkov
In 6 languages

The Killifish Master Index 4th Edition by Ken Lazara

I have scanned a listing that Jim Robinson gave me of annual killifish incubation times. It is primarily of SAS killies but does have a few Nothos. See: Jim Robinsons Incubation times

This site is intended to provide our members with information on meetings, and club news including club member fish and egg listings.  we need to do a major update on species within the club Lets Discuss at the Picnic.

April 2005 PAKA fishlist This is a very old list and is much smaller currently. At least it will give some idea as to the experience within PAKA

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